Municipal Code

This page is currently under construction and may not contain the most current ordinance changes.  You may e-mail Cindy Bauer, City Clerk at to obtain the most current chapters or it is available for viewing at the Altoona Public Library or Altoona City Hall, 1303 Lynn Avenue.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Your patience is appreciated.  Thank you.  

Table of Contents

Title 1: General Provisions
Title 2: Administration and Personnel
Title 3: Revenue and Finance
Title 4: (reserved)
Title 5: Business Taxes, Licenses and Regulations
Title 6: Animals
Title 7: (reserved)
Title 8: Health and Safety
Title 9: Public Peace, Morals and Welfare
Title 10: Vehicles and Traffic
Title 11: (reserved)
Title 12: Streets and Sidewalks
Title 13: Water and Sewers
Title 14: Storm Water
Title 15: Buildings and Construction
Title 16: Housing
Title 17: Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks
Title 18: Subdivisions and Land Divisions
Title 19: Zoning

Statutory References

Prior Code History