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Building Inspection Forms

New Construction: Please call the Building Inspector at 715-839-5192.

Conditional Use Permit Application »

Addition Permit Application »
Electrical Permit Application »
Fencing Permit Application »
HVAC Permit Application »
Plumbing Permit Application »
Remodel Permit Application »
Roofing Permit Application »
Siding Permit Application »
Sign Permit Application »

Election Forms

Absentee Ballot Application »
Election Schedule »
Voter Registration »
Ward Map »
Ward Streets »

License Applications

Bartender License Application »
Direct Seller Permit Application »
Dog License Application »
Mobile Food Vendor License Application »
Open Records Request »
Picnic License Application »

Bicycle Licenses: The fee is $3 for the life-time ownership of the bicycle. License tags can be purchased at the

Altoona Police Department from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday though Friday.

Permit & Rental Forms

Community Room Reservation Application »
Dog Park Permit Application »
Marquee Rental Agreement »
Pavilion Reservation Application »
Special Event Permit Application »

Engineer Forms

Construction Site Erosion Control Permit Application »
Post-Construction Storm Water Management Permit Application »
Private Well Permit Application »
Right-of-Way Permit Application »
Tree Planting Permit Application »

Water Utilities

Automatic Pay Sign-Up Form »
Pool Fill & Sanitary Sewer Credit Application »
Storm Water Credit Application »

Brush Disposal, Yard Waste, Recycling, and Garbage Service

Citizen Resource Bank

Drinking, Waste, and Storm Water



Fire, EMS, and Rescue

The Altoona Fire, EMS, & Rescue Department is comprised of paid, on-call professionals who provide full fire protection, fire inspections, burning permits, emergency medical response, patient treatment until an ambulance arrives, ambulance response service contracted with the City of Eau Claire, and community outreach and education programs relating to fire prevention, first aid, and CPR.

City Burning Regulations »

Emergency Services Building
1904 Spooner Avenue
Altoona, WI 54720

Fax: 715-839-3763

For burning permit info, call 715-839-2970 ext 4020

Monday - Friday
7:30 AM - 4 PM

Fire Chief:
Mark Renderman • Email Mark »
Lead Fire Inspector:
Lt. David Daken • Email David »
Fire Inspector:
Rodger Frye • Email Rodger »
Fire Inspector:
Andrew Kent • Email Andrew »
Fire Explorer Advisor:
Cordaro Mavis • Email Cordaro »

Historical Society

City Bus

Public Library

Parks and Recreation

Police Department

Post Office

Street Maintenance


Voter Registration and Elections