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Parking Options in River Prairie

Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Altoona city staff

With more and more people visiting River Prairie Park to enjoy its amenities and/or to attend events, City staff has heard a similar question from a number of visitors, "Where can I park?"

We hear you and to help visitors locate parking, the City is in the process of placing signs at parking lot entrances and has created a River Prairie Parking Map.  [Follow this link for a larger view.]


Visitors to River Prairie will discover that the development was designed with flexible parking options offering off-street and on-street parking.  There are over 800 public parking spaces in River Prairie.  You will find 612 pull-in spaces at 12 public parking lots in addition to 234 on-street, back-in parking spaces.

Why did Altoona install on-street, back-in parking?  We chose to offer back-in, on-street parking for two main reasons, safety and enabling more parking spaces to be established.  You will find below a list of some of the benefits of back-in parking.

  • Backing into a parking space is safer than backing into moving traffic.
  • When pulling out of the parking space, drivers have clear sight lines when entering into moving traffic.
  • When car doors are open, the doors act as safety barriers by positioning drivers and passengers, including children, to enter and exit toward the sidewalk.
  • Loading and un-loading is safer and more convenient as the trunk of your vehicle is toward the sidewalk and not toward moving street traffic.
  • It is easier than parallel parking.
  • It provides more parking spaces than parallel parking.

Whether you prefer traditional or back-in parking, there are plenty of options for visitors to choose in River Prairie.

River Prairie Parking Map >>