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Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Jason Boyd | WQOW

Altoona (WQOW) - The holiday season can often mean an uptick in burglaries and vandalism, and even though it's only November, we're already seeing it happen in the Chippewa Valley. 

So how to do you prevent it from happening to you?

Altoona couple Christina and Carlos Santamaria's pickup truck was vandalized Tuesday morning.

The truck was spray painted, and the gas tank was filled with salt. In September, the same truck had the window broken and the radio stolen. The couple has no idea who could be doing this.

Altoona Police Chief Jesse James doesn't know if the incidents are related, but they do offer some tips on how to prevent it from happening to you. 

"Remove all the valuables, up to and including electronic devices," James said. "That seems to be a popular item especially during this time. It is getting close to Christmas. Lock your vehicle, and leave your lights on outside at night, that helps. It illuminates not only the residence and the driveway, but it illuminates the street as well."

James said to look out for your neighbors, and if you see any unusual behavior, crime stoppers is good way to anonymously help catch the culprit.


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