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City Staff

City Administrator:
Mike Golat
715-839-6092 • Email Mike »

City Clerk:
Cindy Bauer
715-839-6092 • Email Cindy »

Administrative Services Director:
Sandy Boettcher
715-839-6092 • Email Sandy »

Finance Director:
Tina Nelson
715-839-6092 •Email Tina »

Fire Chief:
Mark Renderman
715-839-6090 • Email Mark »

Library Director:
Alyson Jones
715-839-5029 • Email Alyson »

Management Analyst:
Roy Atkinson
715-839-5029 • Email Roy »

Parks & Recreation Manager:
Debra Goldbach
715-839-5188 • Email Debra »

Police Chief:
Jesse James
715-839-6090 • Email Jesse »

Public Works Director & City Engineer:
David Walter, PE
715-839-6092 • Email David »

City Planner:
Joshua Clements
715-839-6092 • Email Joshua »

Building Inspector:
Matt Flatland
715-271-6691 • Email Matt »

Citizen Services:
Ann Lein
715-839-6092 • Email Ann »

Utility Billing:
Terri Welke
715-839-6092 • Email Terri »

Where do I vote, register to vote, or get an absentee ballot?

Learn about voter registration and elections »

How do I report a street light outage?

Report a streetlight outage online »
View a streetlight outage report status »

If your power is out, or you have an electric emergency, report it by calling the Xcel Energy Electric Outage number 1-800-895-1999. 

How do I watch City Council and Committee meetings on-line?

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Who do I contact regarding building permits?

Learn about building permits »

When and where do I pay my property tax bill?

First half and entire year payments will be accepted no later than January 31 at two locations:

Second half payments will be accepted at one location only:

  • Eau Claire County Treasurer's Office
    Suite 1250, 721 Oxford Avenue, Eau Claire Get directions.

How do I connect with the City of Altoona on social media?

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How do I create and enhance a backyard habitat for birds?

Currently, the City of Altoona is seeking the designation of Bird City Wisconsin.  To boost this endeavor, we are encouraging you to create and/or enhance your backyard bird sanctuary!

How to Create a Bird-Friendly Yard >>

Creating a Wildlife Habitat in Your Backyard >>

Eco-landscaping: For the Birds >>

Wildlife Habitat in Your Backyard >>


Who do I call for an urgent after-hours Public Works need?

If you have an urgent Public Works need that requires an after-hours response, please call the Public Works on-call answering servce at 715-869-6420.

Who do I contact if I have a question on my water bill?

Learn about water utilities and how to make changes to your account »

How do I explore the Altoona Business Directory?

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