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City Staff

City Administrator:
Mike Golat
715-839-6092 • Email Mike »

Assistant City Administrator:
Roy Atkinson
715-839-6092 • Email Roy »

City Clerk:
Cindy Bauer
715-839-6092 • Email Cindy »

Director of Administrative Services:
Betsy Boley
715-839-6092 • Email Betsy »

Finance Director:
Tina Nelson
715-839-6092 •Email Tina »

Fire Chief:
Mark Renderman
715-839-6090 • Email Mark »

Library Director:
Olivia Moris
715-839-5029 • Email Olivia »

Parks & Recreation Director:
Chad Duerkop
715-839-5188 • Email Chad »

Planning Director / Zoning Administrator:
Taylor Greenwell
715-839-6092 • Email Taylor »

Police Chief:
Kelly Bakken
715-839-6090 • Email Kelly »

Public Works Director:
Scott Kwick
715-839-6092 • Email Scott »

City Engineer:
Christien Huppert
715-839-6092 • Email Christien »

Building Inspector:
Matt Flatland
715-271-6691 • Email Matt »

Citizen Services:
Ann Lein
715-839-6092 • Email Ann »

Utility Billing:
Lori Prudlick
715-839-6092 • Email Lori »

Who do I call for an urgent after-hours Public Works need?

If you have an urgent Public Works need such as a sewer back-up, frozen water service, or something similar that requires an after-hours response, please call Altoona City Hall at 715-839-6092.  When the auto-attendant answers, please press 3 to contact the on-call Public Works Department personnel.  Thank you.

Tax Information

2023 Tax Information >>

2022 Tax Information >>

ELECTIONS: When is the next Election? Where do I vote, register to vote, or how do I request an absentee ballot?


Click here for In-Person Absentee Voting Schedules and additional FAQs >>

  • Tuesday | April 2, 2024 | 2024 Spring & Presidential Preference Election
    Election held on the first Tuesday in April to elect judicial, educational, and municipal officers, and non-partisan county officers, and to express preferences for the person to be the presidential candidate for each party in the presidential election years [State Statute 5.02(21)]
  • Tuesday | August 13, 2024 | 2024 Partisan Primary Election
    Primary held in even-numbered years on the second Tuesday in August, to nominate candidates to be voted for at the General Election, and to determine which candidates for state offices other than district attorney may participate in the Wisconsin election campaign fund. [State Statute 5.02(12s)]
  • Tuesday | November 5, 2024 | 2024 General Election
    Election held in even-numbered years on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November to elect United States senators, representatives to congress, presidential electors, state senators, representatives to the assembly, district attorneys, state officers other than the state superintendent and judicial officers, and county officers other than supervisors and county executives. [State Statute 5.02(5)]

Where do I vote? On Election Day, all Altoona Wards 1 - 15, vote at the River Prairie Center, 1445 Front Porch Place, Altoona, WI.

Where do I register to vote? Go to

How do I request an absentee ballot? Go to

For any other questions you may have, go to:

How do I report a street light outage?

Report a streetlight outage online »
View a streetlight outage report status »

If your power is out, or you have an electric emergency, report it by calling the Xcel Energy Electric Outage number 1-800-895-1999. 

Who do I contact regarding building permits?

Learn about building permits »

When and where do I pay my property tax bill?

Installment Dates | Delinquent tax payments can be made at any time.

1st installment or full payments are due by January 31.
2nd installment
is due by July 31.

Payment Options

For questions or the balance owed, please call the Eau Claire County Treasurer's office at 715-839-4805.

How did Altoona get its "Cinder City" nickname?

Altoona got its start in 1881 when the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha Railway opened up a new terminal on land that would eventually become the City of Altoona.  At that time, the railroad utilized steam engines to power its locomotives.  The fuel to power the steam engines was from burning coal, wood or oil.  Cinders, small pieces of partly burned coal and wood, were the result of the burning process.  This is how Altoona became known as the "Cinder City!"

For more information about Altoona's history, please visit the Altoona Historical Society, Inc website!

Altoona Historical Society, Inc. >>

How do I connect with the City of Altoona on social media?

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Altoona is a Bird City Wisconsin! How do I create and enhance a backyard habitat for birds?

The City of Altoona is a Bird City Wisconsin.  We encourage you to create and/or enhance your backyard bird sanctuary!

How to Create a Bird-Friendly Yard >>

Creating a Wildlife Habitat in Your Backyard >>

Eco-landscaping: For the Birds >>

Wildlife Habitat in Your Backyard >>

Who do I contact if I have a question on my water bill?

Learn about water utilities and how to make changes to your account »

How do I explore the Altoona Business Directory?

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