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Altoona's plans for $1M emergency response grant

Wednesday, June 1, 2022
Julia Lopez | WQOW


ALTOONA (WQOW) - Altoona families could be getting their flu shots a little differently next year, thanks to a federal grant from Governor Tony Evers.

We reported on Tuesday that Evers awarded the city of Altoona $1,149,000 as part of an initiative to fund emergency response programs.

With this new funding, Altoona will build a public safety garage with options for drive-through healthcare.

 City administrator, Mike Golat said when they applied for the grant last fall, a task force discovered that Altoona emergency service vehicles were in need of expanded storage. Thus came plans to expand the current public safety garage, and with a twist. Golat said during the pandemic, Altoona was missing an efficient site for drive-through vaccinations and testing. However, that's not all the drive-through could be used for.
"It would be a partnership with the health department," Golat said. "If they wanted to do an annual flu clinic down there, they could do that, any number of uses that the health department would determine it would be an appropriate space to be used."

Golat said federal projects like this take a little longer than normal to get going, but you could see construction by next summer.

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