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Sun in All Seasons | Altoona infrared sauna open for business

Thursday, November 21, 2019
Caitlin Boyle | photo by Andrea Paulseth | VolumeOne

HOT IDEA: Marilyn Nicanor owns Rays of Sol, which opened last month.  The business focuses on healing through infrared sauna therapy.  Nicanor says infrared heat can boost the immune system.

When life gets hectic, many people need to take a break to recharge and de-stress. The mission of a new business in Altoona is to help those people navigate through the everyday hustle and bustle to make them feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Rays of Sol, which opened last month, is owned by Marilyn Nicanor, and the business focuses on healing naturally with infrared sauna therapy. Nicanor says infrared heat provides a large number of health benefits by boosting the immune system. It's been her longtime dream to have her own sauna. 

After getting into a car accident years ago, she came across a book about infrared saunas and realized she had metals in her body that this particular type of sauna could help her with.

"It helps detoxify the metals and aches and pains I received from the accident," Nicanor explains. "It also helps people with Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, anxiety, losing weight, and lowering blood pressure."

Nicanor's sauna at Rays of Sol is large enough to accommodate up to three people and can be used with a combination of yoga, meditation, and chromotherapy. 

Nicanor has also woven her passions for art and music into her business. She is currently enrolled at UW-Eau Claire in Art and Music to advance her career and help people heal with both. She has some of her artwork displayed throughout the studio so people can look at beautiful things while they are sitting in the sauna. The saunas also provide relaxing, calm music for people to enjoy.

Other services Rays of Sol offers are Reiki and chromotherapy. Reiki is a service Nicanor may steer people dealing with anxiety towards. The process includes a gentle massage. 

"Reiki is really a light touch over energy points in the body," Nicanor says. "It's a good form of deep relaxation and helps calm emotions and is good for those with anxiety."

The other service offered is chromotherapy. This helps with healing in a more spiritual way through light therapy to balance energy points, Nicanor said. Customers can look at a chart and choose a color specific to their needs. 


Rays of Sol officially opened Oct. 19 at 2519 N. Hillcrest Parkway, Suite 103, in Altoona. More information can be found at or on Facebook.

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