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Pavement Preservation Work to Begin Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Tuesday, May 25, 2021
City of Altoona staff


What work will be done? A pavement application called micro-surfacing, which consists of a water asphalt emulsion and small rock aggregate approximately ¼" to ½" thick which  adheres to the surface of the existing road/trail will be applied. Micro-surfacing extends the life of the pavement.

How long will the road or trail be closed? Please expect road/trail closure up to eight hours for the micro-surfacing application to cure.  Driving on the road before it is cured will cause damage and negate the benefits of this work.  Please heed the road closure signs >> do NOT drive on the road until the signs have been removed.

Streets scheduled for micro-surfacing:

  • Autumn Dr from Bartlett Ave to north and south ends of cul-de-sacs
  • Bartlett Ave from Autumn Dr to S Willson Dr
  • Brookshire Ct
  • Daniels Ave from 7th St W to 10th St W
  • High Point Dr
  • Knollwood Trl from 3rd St E to Knollwood Ct
  • Lynn Ave from 2nd St w to 6th St W
  • Rivers Edge Dr from River Prairie Dr to pavement change past E Willson Dr
  • 11th St W from Pine Tree Ln to N Hillcrest Pkwy

Trails scheduled for micro-surfacing:

  • Spooner Ave from Fairfax St to S Willson Dr
  • 10th St W from Spooner Ave to Lake Rd

RESIDENTS ON THESE STREETS will find a door hanger on the front door and "NO PARKING" signs before work begins.

NEED MORE INFORMATION: Please contact Altoona City Hall at or 715-839-6092.  Thank you!