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Introducing Badger Books | Electronic Poll Books

Friday, March 1, 2024
City Clerk's Office

The City of Altoona will be implementing Badger Books (aka e-poll books) starting in 2024. The Badger Books replace the paper poll books used previously. Click here to watch a video on how Badger Books work >>


  • Badger Books replace the paper poll books
  • Voters will digitally sign the screen
  • Are NOT connected to the internet
  • Voters still receive a paper ballot after checking in on the e-poll books


  1. Check in voters
  2. Register new voters
  3. Process absentee ballots


These electronic devices are NOT connected to the internet, and the security risk factors for the Badger Books are comparable to those using paper poll books. Badger Books do not process votes. After checking-in, you will receive your paper ballot to vote and feed into the tabulator.


City of Altoona
Clerk's Office
1303 Lynn Avenue
Altoona, WI 54720


Badger Books are not voting equipment, and the Wisconsin Elections Commission has the authority to approve electronic poll books. Per Wis. State §6.79(1m), "the system employed to maintain the list electronically is subject to the approval of the Commission."