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Check out the City of Altoona nominations in "VolumeOne's BEST of the Chippewa Valley Reader Poll"

Friday, December 7, 2018


Best of the Chippewa Valley 2019
for the 12th year in a row, we ask what you like best

Our big, giant, massive, Valley-wide Best of the Chippewa Valley reader poll is now up and firing on all cylinders. It covers everything from local restaurants to local media to news issues to arts & entertainment and everything in between. And remember! You get to add your own responses that can, in turn, be voted on by everyone else.

Note to businesses: Please don't bribe people for votes. Exchanging free or discounted goods and services for votes is prohibited, including suggesting that any other organization would benefit from supporting you or your business in the poll. Doing so may be perceived as a form of bribery and may get you banned from the poll.


You will find below your guide to the categories and nominations for our Altoona!  Click on the category header and cast your vote!  #OneAltoonaWI

top picks for getting out & having fun

Best Beach
Lake Altoona County Beach

Best Body of Water for Recreation
Lake Altoona
Eau Claire River

Best Sledding Hill
Behind Altoona Family Restaurant (Jelly Bean Hill)

Best Trail for Hiking
Otter Creek Park (aka Centennial Park)
River Prairie Altoona

your top picks for arts-related awesome

Best All Ages Hangout
Rock'N' On The River (River Prairie Park)

Best Annual Event
River Prairie P10 Festival

Best Free Entertainment Option
River Prairie Park and Splash Pad
Rock'n on the River

Best Place for Live Music
River Prairie Center
Rock'n on the River (River Prairie Park)

Best Public Art Installation
River Prairie Nexus

your favorite locations

Best Neighborhood
River Prairie (Altoona)

Best People Watching
River Prairie Park Music Night Altoona

Best Place to Impress Out of Town Guests
River Prairie

Best Place to Take Your Kids
Lake Altoona Beach
River Prairie Park Altoona

Best Place to Take Your Pet
River Prairie Park Altoona

Best Public Park
River Prairie Park Altoona

your top picks for local news outlets and more

Best Social Media Presence
Altoona Police Department
City of Altoona

your top picks for topics of discussion

Best Community Advocate
Brendan Pratt, Mayor of Altoona
Mike Golat, Altoona City Administrator

Best Use of Taxpayer Dollars Last Year
Altoona Police Department

your favorite people or companies to hire

Best Large Special Event Venue (500 or more)
River Prairie Center

Best Mid-size Special Event Venue (100-500)
River Prairie convention center

Best Wedding Venue
River Prairie Center

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