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Altoona's Golden Spike Bar a Hidden Gem for Caribbean Food | local chef Akenya Aman transforms Golden Spike's eat scene

Friday, January 5, 2024
VolumeOne | Kelly Carlson, photos by Andrea Paulseth | December 21, 2023

COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEF. Golden Spike Bar & Grill has been turning up the heat thanks to chef Akenya Aman's mouthwatering Caribbean food.

Known for its friendly staff, great karaoke nights, and familiar atmosphere, Golden Spike Bar and Grill (228 Division St., Altoona) caters the Wisconsin classics, making it a favorite in the Valley. However, they've recently begun expanding their options with an unexpected addition: Caribbean food.

Now they've got one foot in the northwoods and another in the Caribbean. Featuring spiced rice, jerk chicken, sweet plantains, fresh-cooked veggies, and a unique combination of spices (with an option for shrimp), Golden Spike's homemade and authentic African and Caribbean food is served Wednesdays and Thursdays. Thanks to a talented and involved local chef, Akenya Aman, the bar has not only transformed its Friday Fish Fry, but has also gained new customers seeking new flavors."It's popular!" Akenya laughed. "You know people come and then they will say, 'Oh, I love it!' People clean their plates."


Akenya has lived in the Chippewa Valley since 1989 and has worked in several area restaurants, homeless shelters, and at church-related events. Incredibly involved in the community, he not only continues to help cook at various restaurants and cater on the side, but also has big dreams of transforming access to food and African spices in the Valley. Hoping to develop his own businesses soon, Akenya continues to honor his love of connection through food.

"What I believe in, everywhere I've been … (is that) customer service has to match the quality of the food. With satisfaction, (customers) always come back and they appreciate the food," he said. And come back to Golden Spike Bar and Grill they do!

Grab your own grub from Akenya Aman on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, typically around noon-8pm), at Golden Spike Bar and Grill in Altoona. Delivery is available for a $5 minimum fee with extra charges depending on how far the delivery is. 

Keep up with what Akenya Aman is cookin' up next at Golden Spike Bar and Grill (228 Division St., Altoona) on Facebook.

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