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Snow Shoveling Secrets

Friday, January 3, 2020
City of Altoona staff

The Missouri Department of Transportation has created an awesome video with a great tip on keeping the end of your driveway clear of snow!  We are sharing this snow shoveling secret with you!

Click here to watch the video >>

"Once should be enough when it comes to shoveling snow out of your driveway.  Unfortunately, snow can end up re-deposited across the driveway entrance when plows clear your street.  The Missouri Department of Transportation has a simple solution to help you avoid a second round of shoveling.  Scooping snow about 10 feet away to the left of your driveway is the key.  This leaves enough room for a snow plow clearing your street to deposit the excess snow in the free area you created, thus keeping your driveway entrance clear."  Click here to watch the video >>


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