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Requests for Qualifications | VIDEO PRODUCTION

Thursday, October 22, 2020

The City seeks proposals from video production firms to produce a minimum of three videos that are 2 to 4 minutes in length. Additional videos of shorter length or other marketing products are desired to be produced as budget permits. As a government organization, proposals should utilize creative, cost-effective solutions as they are intended to advance the public interest. 

The following general arrangement and theme of the three primary videos is as follows:

  1. Affordable housing testimonial(s) from Solis Circle residents and stakeholders, sprinkled with relevant statistics to reflect the magnitude of housing and poverty issues in the community.

  1. The role of community planning and local government decision-making to provide for a diversity of housing options and access, including why this is important. Anticipated to feature City Staff, Council Members, and potentially community partners. 

  1. Focus on the activities of the Altoona Compassion Coalition and why their activities are important.

Proposal Requirements
Proposals must include:

Part 1: Cover Letter
-The Proposer must provide a cover letter signed by a principal in the firm submitting the proposal on behalf of their company.

Part 2: Qualifications and Experience
-The proposal must include information describing the background and experience of each firm and key individuals that will perform all or parts of the proposed services. The inclusion of a portfolio of project examples is strongly encouraged, preferably with examples of similar length with a community focus.

Part 3: Proposed Services and Deliverables
Project Understanding
-The proposal must demonstrate an understanding of the project objectives, providing a clear indication of the ability to perform the work in the required schedule.
Proposed Approach
-The proposal must describe the approach that will be taken to storyboard, produce, edit and deliver the deliverables specified by the Proposer to include a minimum of three videos as noted.
-The proposal must provide a complete list of all deliverables as well as a proposed plan addressing which media outlets would be most appropriate for launching each deliverable provided (marketing plan).

Part 4: Proposed Project Schedule
-Each proposal shall include a proposed schedule for the project, including stages, milestones and payments.

Part 5: Cost Proposal
-The City of Altoona has budgeted $10,000 for this project. Proposers must provide a flat fee, not to exceed, proposal to provide all of the deliverables specified in their proposal.

Applicants are encouraged to provide straightforward, concise information that satisfies the requirements specified. Emphasis should be on brevity, conformity to instructions, and clarity.

Please submit an electronic copy in .pdf format no later than 2:00 p.m. on November 5, 2020. Statements received after the due date and time will be deemed non-responsive and will not be considered.

Sent Proposals to: 

Subject: "Altoona Cares Video RFQ"

Roy Atkinson 
Management Analyst

Click here to view to the RFQ>>>