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Altoona Police find success in installment of Flock Cameras

Friday, December 8, 2023
Daniel Gomez | WEAU

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) - The Altoona Police Department has installed 10 flock cameras throughout the city in 2023.

Sergeant Jake Henning said it has helped with more than 80 open cases.

"We've had a really big success with them being able to identify people in cases that we haven't been able to identify them in the past," said Sgt. Henning.

The 10 cameras are placed in River Prairie, Highway 12 and even outside of Altoona High School. They give police a 24 hour look out for any vehicles involved in a crime.

"Couple of different ways they come through. We do have our dispatch center up and running with them, so they're receiving the alerts. Our officers all get them on their cell phones and they come to their computers in their cars," said Sgt. Henning.

The cameras have helped Altoona Police with retail thefts and stolen vehicles mostly.

Police in Gladstone, Missouri also have these cameras installed and have been able to arrest homicide suspect Jose Eduardo Dominguez Garcia.

He is back in Wisconsin after being on the run for more than 3 years.

"I think that's a perfect example of kind of why we have invested in them. They're a huge tool that are always out there checking for, you know, either safety issues or wanted people like in that case," said Sgt. Henning.

He said the cameras have also been worth the investment.

"I've looked at the amount we've recovered. We've recovered over $50,000 in property already. And so they've paid for themselves. As far as we're concerned," said Sgt. Henning.

The department has a contract with the company for 2 years, and it looks to extend that.

Sgt. Henning said the 11th and final camera should be installed by the end of December.

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